Los Angeles – The City of Angels – is the place to be for all things related to the media and show business. That is why Viktor Dudchenko decided to relocate to this metropolis from his hometown in Russia. He is currently working at his own production, Supernova Films Productions which operates in the area.

Viktor was inspired by his beautiful surroundings and picked up a video camera to start filming it. He soon expanded his scope of work and started working on commercial videos including many advertisements, TV shows, and video clips. However, he felt like he had explored everything there was in the Russian film industry and wanted a bigger challenge.

After moving to Los Angeles he slowly and steadily built a name for himself. He has vast experience in directing videos and films of all types for clients from all around the city. His work comprises of TV commercials, short films and several episodes for reality TV shows. Viktor has the eye for detail when it comes to shooting short videos and he can completely get the entire message across in a matter of minutes. All his videos have been highly appreciated by clients and earned him praise from noted professionals in the industry.

He also works on music videos collaborated with several underground artists. He can picture a melody using his imagination and is also comfortable with working with no script or screenplay. He can pitch ideas and create the entire storyboard for a song based on the background and lyrics of the tune. All his videos are shot with the accuracy and perfection you would expect from a professional video director.

Viktor is also available for private events such as weddings, birthdays and other social gatherings to create a beautiful memento of memories from the party. He works discreetly with the guests and hosts not even realizing he’s there which enables him to capture the most candid shots. The finished product clients receive afterward includes the entire day’s highlights woven together with clear-cut editing that allows viewers to relive the moments. All customers have been highly appreciative of his work and gave him an excellent rating for his valued services.

However, to say Viktor is the only one behind the successful Supernova Film Productions would be unfair. His highly efficient crew is always by his side to ensure whatever project he undertakes is executed smoothly. The crew provides all the support services a good director requires such as lighting, boom mike operating and camera operating to name a few. The entire team works together like a well-oiled engine and behave as if they were not coworkers but a family.

Viktor Dudchenko and his crew at Supernova Films Productions are open to working on new video projects and exploring all the opportunities California has to offer.


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